The FEW: Fitness Empowered Women
The FEW: Fitness Empowered Women
Blaine Phillips

Welcome to The FEW: Fitness Empowered Women

Ladies - join us for support, motivation, and accountability.

About Us

The FEW is a fitness based community for women of all ages, body types, and fitness levels who are looking for a daily dose of support and friendship. The founder, Blaine Phillips, is a wife, mom, and later-in-life fitness lover turned certified personal trainer. Her mission is to create a space where women have fun, build relationships, and celebrate what their bodies can do by moving them in ways that align with their goals and abilities. 

Why You Should Join Us

If you are looking for a positive and uplifting community of women to navigate life with, The FEW is for you! Whether you are celebrating a win, sharing a struggle, attending a community building event, or getting sweaty with us in a live class - you will be welcomed with open arms. This community is so much more than an online network, it is a is a family. 

A Big Thanks

I made the decision 6+ years ago to make health a focus in my life, which was huge for the woman who didn’t really drink water and had never owned workout clothes. The road has not always been easy, but finding friends to walk alongside of me made all the difference! Thank you for being here, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your health journey, and thank you for showing up for yourself 💕